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World-Class Hounds Pet Travel Crate

World-Class Hounds provides Airline Approved Travel Crates for both hire and purchase.

It is our policy that animals between 8 and 12 weeks of age are provided with only a brand new travel crate for their air transport and in turn, we discount our pricing to below hire crate pricing for all clients. Not only is it for the pets safety and hygiene, but new owners can transport their new pet securely home in the vehicle. For dogs there is the added benefit of a puppy's first crate to help with crate training!

World-Class Hounds can ship a crate ready at any airport around Australia for your pets flight. If you have a litter why not take advantage of our Breeder Air Care option and have bulk crates shipped directly to your nearest airport or to your door!

IATA regulations are strictly adhered to by all airlines when flying animals both domestic and international. All carriers must be compliant in order to be accepted for the flight. For those who already own pet crates, World-Class Hounds is happy to help you see if a carrier you would like to use is complaint before your pet flies.

How to Measure Your Pet

Pet Dog Cat Transport Australia
Pet Dog Cat Transport Australia

Airline regulations require your pet to be able to stand, turn, lie down and sit comfortably inside their travel crate. Measuring your pet can be important in order for us to supply the correct crate for safe air travel.

A - Measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail

B - Measure from the elbow joint to the ground

C - Measure the width of the dog across the widest part of the body

D - Measure from the top of the head standing to the ground



Pet Dog Cat Transport Australia

53cm x 37cm x 37cm


World-Class Hounds Travel Crate

62cm x 41cm x 45cm


World-Class Hounds Travel Crate

73cm x 45cm x 53cm

World-Class Hounds Travel Crate

82cm x 56cm x 60cm 


World-Class Hounds Travel Crate

93cm x 61cm x 73cm 


World-Class Hounds Travel Crate

115cm x 60cm x 80cm


World-Class Hounds Travel Crate

115cm x 60cm x 85cm

Custom Travel Crates

For international travel we can provide custom made timber crates to fit all breeds.

Bird boxes also available for safe avian travel around Australia.

World-Class Hounds Pet Travel Crate
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