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Flying pets dog cat pet transport
Flying pets dog cat pet transport


Our pets are our family, and World-Class Hounds treats every pet as if it were our own

Airline Travel can be a preferable option for getting your pet to their new home, vet appointment or even
taking them on holiday with you!

Our professional consultants are always available to answer your specific Pet Travel questions but we can
help get you started with a few common FAQ’s.

What Happens at Booking?

When you make a Booking we reserve your pets space on the most direct pet friendly flight with our Airline Partners. Our Travel Consultants will email you with your pets Air Waybill Label (it’s their ticket to fly!) and full Travel Information.

Will My Pet Be Happy Flying?

Flying can actually be less stressful then long road trips. Some tips to help your pet have a better flight are:
Make sure your pet is well hydrated and calm before flying, and no large meals pre-flight
Make sure they have been toileted thoroughly before going into their carrier
If you are concerned about your pet being in a carrier, we recommend purchasing the carrier a couple of weeks before and conditioning them in their comfortable home environment
We do not accept animals that have been sedated

Where and How Do I Lodge My Pet?

Your Travel Information will give you an address and map link at your designated Airport. You will need a printed copy of your Air Waybill Label to attach to the carrier in order to lodge. When you arrive, staff will often require you to sign a lodgement declaration and can assist you in filling it out.

Puppies and Kittens between 8-12 weeks require a Fit To Fly certificate issued within 2 weeks of the flight date from a veterinarian.

What Carrier Do I Use?

World-Class Hounds can provide you with a hire crate ready at your Airport, or all babies will have a brand new crate for their families to keep!

Airlines have specific requirements to keep your pet safe during travel, so if you wish to provide your own please check with us to ensure compliance. You can check your pets requirements on our Pet Travel Crate page.

What Can I Put In My Pets Carrier?

Your pet needs to be comfortable yet safe! A folded thin blanket is preferable or some pee pads for longer trips. A small soft toy can be put in for comfort and because they will travel in climate control they do not need any jackets or jumpers.

No leashes, loose bowls, litter boxes, additional boxes/items are to be inside the crate with your pet. If you
require paperwork to be sent, such as vaccination records, place them in an envelope and they can be taped securely to the top of the carrier.

Where Will My Pet Travel?

Only specific flights have special pressurised and climate controlled areas for your pets to travel. Your pet will be in a quiet, dimly lit space sitting at approximately 18-20ºC throughout their entire flight, otherwise Airline staff keep them in quiet, pet specific rooms.

What Happens If Flights Are Delayed?

Our Airline Partners understand that animal welfare is a priority in Pet Transport. In case of delay, flight change or space becoming available on a faster flight they can contact the owner directly to touch base and ensure your pet is moved as smoothly as possible.

What Happens When the Plane Lands?

We know everyone is so excited to see their friend! When the plane lands your pet can take approximately 30 minutes to be unloaded, checked, their flight paperwork completed and then be ready at your designated collection point! 

Your pet will be brought to your Airlines cargo office listed on your Travel Information sheet. Please remember to bring a form of photo identification as staff will ask you before releasing your pet.

Flying pets dog cat pet transport
Flying pets dog cat pet transport
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