Kristie started World-Class Hounds in 2017 after importing multiple dogs to Australia for her own breeding program of Tibetan Mastiffs from China, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Holland and Spain.


Kristie has been involved with animals her entire life and is a registered breeder exhibitor of purebred dogs & cats. Kristie was a head Veterinary nurse for 12 years. Kristie has been involved with many species of animals including Dogs, Cats, Horses, Cavies, Rabbits, Poultry, Game fowl, Pigs & fish. She also has experience in Cat breeding/showing as well as competitive working dog trialing



Julie is our Domestic Travel Manager and will be able to send your pets all over Australia at very competitive rates with full door to door options and Comfort stops around Australia.


Julie is a professional dog trainer and behaviorist for over a decade for Geelong and Melbourne areas.
She is a breeder and trainer of working Belgian Malinois, owning the breed for over 15 years.

Julie has education in the sciences and working experience in management, administration, logistics



Shari is managing our road transport operations.

With experience both as a vet nurse for 26 years and a dog breeder and owner of dachshunds for over a decade, Shari will ensure your loved ones receive premium care while on the road.

Her work experience also extends through to training the dogs for the movie 'Babe' and music industry experience in tour management for some huge names in Australia!


Welcome to World-Class Hounds!

We are an Australian pet relocation and transport service that assists with moving your pets from all over the world or around Australia.

We have extensive experience with importing animals to Australia and understand the requirements you need to meet before your furry friend can join your family. With experienced partners in many countries, we cater for boarding, road transport and regulatory paperwork in each country. Our specialty is imports from difficult to import from countries such as Russia and China.

We offer complete import and export package so you do not need to worry about anything, just leave it to us! This makes the transport experience much easier, stress free and enjoyable. Or, if you have already organised the import requirements yourself, we can offer a competitive quote for flights.

Our Domestic Transport service offers personalised management of your pets around the country, offering Premium Comfort Services for your pets, Breeder Air Care, bulk crate sales to your door and a dedicated Domestic Representitive to manage your pets flight.

Our service is perfect for your precious family member, show, breeding or working animal.

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