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World-Class Hounds has a strong animal welfare priority for all our pet transport be it international or domestic.

We will book your pets on the most direct route to get to their destination, but in cases of longer waits we offer three types of Comfort Stops.

Comfort Stop - Day Care

Our Day Service is for delays between travel that are over 2 hours long or for animals that require special care between journeys. Your pet will be exercised in a hygienic, quiet and safe environment, their carrier cleaned thoroughly and a check over by our experienced Pet Partners. 

Comfort Stop - Overnight

If your pet has a multiple leg journey we can provide overnight care in a professional Pet Partner facility. Your pets will be driven in climate controlled comfort to their pet hotel for the night, fed, exercised, given plenty of love and then taken back to the airport (or you can collect from there yourself!) the next day. Your pets also have the option of a refreshing spa while in overnight care if required. Their travel crates will also be refreshed before the next leg of their journey.

Premium Comfort Stop - Overnight

If you have a special needs pet we have the ability to accommodate in a homely environment. Your pet will be cared for in more familiar surroundings, offering around the clock supervision with our Pet Partners. If you have a more delicate or sensitive pet we are happy to discuss their specific needs and provide them with the environment they require during their overnight stay. Transfers to and from the airport are included in this service.

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