In response to our valued clients needs during Covid 19, World Class Hounds

now offers a combination of Road/Air transport for your precious pets.


Accessing remote regions of Eastern Australia that no longer have regular or reliable flight options we can Premium In Van road to capital and fly on.


World-Class Hounds endeavours to cut your pets travel time with

premium comfort stops during their journey to ensure they arrived 

refreshed to their new homes. We have this service available for puppies

and kittens from 8 weeks of age, litter services and other species!

We are able to hub your pets to connect to flights in Brisbane, Adelaide

and Canberra. We can flight access North Queensland, NT and WA

with significant cuts to transit times compared to road only!

Domestic Dog Cat Pet Transport Australia

World-Class Hounds has a vast network of transport options to get your pet around anywhere in Australia! From air, road or sea we safely transport even the most delicate of species.

With trained, specialised staff we can ensure high animal welfare and species appropriate care for your best friend.

Want to import the pet of your dreams? We can manage the entire process for you including paperwork, veterinary, transport and quarantine.


World-Class Hounds also specialise in non-approved country Imports and Exports!

Domestic Internaional dog cat transport Australia

Contact one of our specialised staff today to get a quote, or to answer your questions!


With World-Class Hounds your transport will be managed by a single consultant to ensure piece of mind and a personalised approach for your pets.