World-Class Hounds provides Premium Road Transport options for breeds and species that cannot fly, or for more remote regions not serviced by airlines.

Our Premium Road Transport has your pet travelling in fully climate controlled vans that are open to the cab so our experienced drivers can always keep an eye on your precious ones. We provide ambient lighting and soft music to keep your pet in a familiar, comfortable travel environment.

Puppies and kittens over 8 weeks of age are fully catered for with out Baby Safe Procedures:

  • F10 Veterinary Grade disinfectant used on all surfaces

  • Disposable bedding and bowls during transport - we do not use washable bedding

  • "FEET OFF THE GROUND" Policy - your babies will never be exercised in unsafe environments

  • Premium dry food provided

  • No contact with other pets not from the same household

  • Indoor sleeping arrangements, it's just like being at home!

World-Class Hounds also offers all pets the following inclusions as standard

  • Sterilised roomy crates for transport - Minimum PP40 size and upwards

  • Full 24 hour care by our experienced drivers

  • Premium dry provided or we can feed your specific brand if provided

  • We can also transport puppy packs, beds, bags of food etc along with your pet

  • Cats will be provided disposable litter trays with Breeders Choice Cat Litter

  • Siblings can be transported together for comfort

  • Limited Pet Numbers per run to ensure your pet gets plenty of attention and care

We run every week and service the following regions

Townsville - Mackay - Brisbane Return

Eungai Creek - Brisbane - Tamworth - Canberra - Sydney - Eungai Creek (NORTH/SOUTH ALTERNATING WEEKS)

Canberra - Melbourne - Adelaide Return FORTNIGHTLY


Melbourne - Wagga Wagga - Yass - Sydney FRIDAY

Newcastle - Sydney - Yass - Wagga Wagga - Melbourne SATURDAY



World-Class Hounds requires up to date vaccination and health records to be provided electronically at time of booking for all road transport dogs and cats.


All medical conditions MUST be disclosed at time of booking. Pets with heart conditions, lung/breathing conditions, conditions such as diabetes, cushings, pancreatities, chronic pain or other conditions that will impact it's ability to comfortably travel will not be accepted.


Animals showing signs of distress, disease or lethargy/dehydration etc will be refused collection and no refund will be issued, monies to be held in credit.


If your pet requires its own food we can accommodate your request. Anything to come with your pet such as puppy/kitten pack, food etc must be put in a clearly marked bag with pets name and breed as well as receivers details.

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