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Our 6 Tips for Air Travel

Here you can find our top 6 tips to ensure your precious cargo travels in style

TIP # 1 - Crate Training

Pets that have been exposed to travel crates prior to travel are always calmer, more relaxed and travel far easier. Start getting your pet familiar with being confined in a crate several weeks before your anticipated travel date. Not only will your pet feel far more comfortable during the trip, but it will also help reduce anxiety levels, travel sickness, overheating and soiling of crates.

TIP # 2 - Limit Food Intake Before Travel

Pets that travel on a full stomach are prone to travel sickness and crate soiling. Feeling sick during travel is a very unpleasant experience for all of us. Offer a small light meal early in the morning at least 4-6 hours before travel. Don't overload your pet with a heavy meal before departure. Ensure your pet receives unlimited supply to fresh cool water at all times.

TIP # 3 - Toilet Please!

Ensuring your pet has been to the toilet before flight lodgment is very important. Spend the time to walk your dog before travelling to the airport, then again on the lead at the airport before lodgment. Offer cats fresh clean litter leading up to travel and even consider placing a small litter tray in the carrier on the way to the airport.

Once your pet has been lodged in for a flight, they may not get another chance to receive a toilet break. Pets that soil crates during travel will be offloaded by the airlines so its important that this is taken care of well in advance to avoid unnecessary and sometimes lengthy delays!

TIP # 4 - Water Intake

It is very important that your pet is well hydrated before travel. Ensure plenty of access to cool clean water leading up to lodgment. This includes before entering that crate at the airport. Your pets travel crate must have an internal water container which is kept full at all times during travel. Taking your own bottled water for the initial fill up that has been cooled in a fridge will go a long way to keep your furry friend happy and hydrated

TIP # 5 - Flight Times

There are a lot of factors in booking the correct flight for your pet but choosing the correct time of the day to fly is one of the most important. Not only is the shortest possible trip required but very early morning and late evening flights in the midst of hot weather can mean the difference between life and death! Do not fly your pet in the middle or hottest parts of the day during warmer weather! World-Class Hounds refuses to book flights in the heat of the day during hot weather and has an extensive heat policy. Think ahead, check the weather forecast and BE SMART.

TIP # 6 - Choose a Reputable Travel Company

This one is a no brainer. When transporting a pet its important to choose a company who will place your animals welfare first and foremost. Call and speak to companies and ask them about there policies and procedures before making a decision and placing a booking.

Sometimes in life saving a few hard earned $$ isn't always the best option and your pets health, safety and wellbeing should be no compromise.

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